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 Our Tours The most flexible tour program you can find !

Our tour program is so flexible that no 2 tours are exactly the same. All of our tours are custom designed and dynamically adjusted during the tour. We can do anything on your tour as long as it is possible, ethical and legal ;-)

You can have a wish list, change your mind of what to do during your tour and extend your tour at any time.

Below are tour suggestion of the most popular tour requests. All these can be personalized to YOUR preferences and interests.

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And here are more tour ideas. You can combine elements of different tours to create your own. We'll help you.


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Most Beautiful San Francisco vistas This is our newest tour. We take our guests to several spots where the view of San Francisco is like out of the picture book. The pictures of many postcards and photo books of San Francisco have been taken from these locations. But being there is of course much more beautiful. First we visit the Coit Tower, then Treasure Island, Twin Peaks, Marine Headlands and Sausalito. Then we invite you on a 2 hour bay cruise where you see Alcatraz and Angel Island close up. Further away we'll pass by San Quentin state prison. When we enter the North Bay you might be amazed how large this area is. We have time for lunch before the boat returns to San Francisco. This view of San Francisco from the boat you will never forget. BACK

San Francisco

Wine Country

Marin County


Silicon Valley

Pt. Reyes

Lake Tahoe


Our San Francisco tours are different. First, we can drive anywhere because our vans are not considered tour buses or tour vans. Tour buses and vans are prohibited in many areas in San Francisco. Most of these areas are some of the most beautiful neighborhoods or sights. The residents really didn't want all the tour buses driving through their neighborhood and therefore buses and larger tour vans are now prohibited. Because we are not effected by these restrictions we can show you sites as Marina district, Pacific Heights, Lombard Street, Sea Cliff and much more.


Second, we adjust and modify the tours to our guests interest and mood, traffic and weather.  No two tours are exactly the same. Of course we visit all popular points everyone wants to see but our specialty are the many sights most other tours don't include in their set route. We stop frequently and our guests get out, take pictures, and explore the area as long as they want. No rushing because we don't have a tight and restrictive schedule. The tour escort will make suggestions regarding timing and itinerary, and our guests always have the option to modify and extend the tour route and tour duration.


For guests that really want to experience San Francisco, this is the best way to go. It's like a self-driving tour without having to drive.


What a wonderful city, one of the top destinations on the world. A metropolis with all the sophistication and culture, yest small town ambiance.  Beautiful architecture surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. Vast culinary selection and great entertainment. San Franciscans are happy, friendly and laid back.  No Stress !


Suggestion: Extended San Francisco Private Tour for first-time visitors, 4 hours $340

Our wine country tours are great because our guests can enjoy this world famous wine region to the fullest without the need of a dedicated driver.


Many Visitors drive their own car because they want an unrestricted and individual experience. But they should have a dedicated driver who can't join the wine tasting. And that's not fun, specially if it's only two people. An it defeats the purpose a bit, doesn't it.


With our tours we preserve the high individuality and free style while everyone can sample the many delicious wines. We'll take our guests there and bring them back happy and safe.


Many of our guests have never been to the wine country and do not have very specific wine preferences. For them we have a wonderful tour that shows them a good introduction with a variety of vineyards in style and setting. The route gives a great overview of the beautiful countryside. There is time for lunch in a rustic setting under walnut trees or if preferred a choice of more elegant restaurants. We visit four to six wineries of different size and ambiance depending how the day goes and the tour develops. Some guests like to take it slower at each winery, others like to see more different vineyards. We NEVER rush our guests or expect them to follow a time schedule.


We prepare customized tours for guests with specific wine or vineyard requests. Let's say we have guests in search of the "perfect" Zinfandel red wine. Their tour is then precisely customized to accommodate their preferences including private meetings with some wine makers. We arrange private wine-food pairing demonstrations in intimate settings or visits to vineyards that are not open to the general public or by appointment only.


Some wineries offer free tastings while others charge $5 to $20 per person. Some apply the charge towards purchases. Suggestion: Private Introduction Wine Tour Private , 6 hours $510

Marin County is north of San Francisco on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge has much to offer. Quaint villages and beautiful countryside make this a tour destination that should not be missed. There is Sausalito, the lovely town right on the water of the bay with breathtaking views, good restaurants and fun shops. A little further north is the Waldo Point Houseboat colony.


The highest point of the "Marin Headlands" provides the most beautiful view of The Golden Gate and San Francisco. This is a view never to be forgotten.


Not far is the Muir Woods National Monument tucked away in a valley where the famous redwood trees are protected. Mt. Tamalpais offers some of the most beautiful easy hiking areas on the coast so close to San Francisco. Exhilarating views of the rugged coast below are unforgettable.


A suggestion: Let's go along the coast at Marin County, enjoy the grandest views and have a wonderful gourmet Picnic. You will be surprised that this is possible so close to busy San Francisco. To finish the day off, we could have a beer or wine at a romantic pub.


The Nike Missile station SF-88 is the only restored site in the entire country. Now a museum, it was part or the last line of defense against Soviet bombers during the cold war. It's impressive to see how the system operates.


The Golden Gate Recreation Area provides a vast selection for casual and serious hiking.


Suggestion: Muir Woods, Sausalito, Pacific Coast, Marin Headlands, 4 hours $340

Highway 1 to Monterey This tour will make it a long day as it is at least a 2-hour drive from San Francisco via the freeway. However, the slower route along famous Highway 1 should not be missed. First we plan to stop at a Harbor Seal sanctuary where the seals nurse their pups and teach them how to swim. Then we'll stop at the coastal town of Half-Moon-Bay followed by a leisurely drive along the Pacific Coast to Santa Cruz, a fun college town.

Monterey John Steinbeck comes to mind. It's with good reason that this tour destination is so popular. Monterey is an inviting fishing town with several historic areas.  The Monterey Aquarium could be a destination by itself with it's fantastically beautiful displays of the world under the waves. The aquarium was featured in the "Star Trek movie The Voyage Home".  The 17-Mile drive takes the visitor along the Pacific coastline, by the world-renowned Pebble Beach Golf Courses, past impressive mansions, and the famous Lone Cypress Tree. The natural beauty of this area might leave you speechless.

Carmel-by-the-Sea is just gorgeous. Situated on the Monterey peninsula, this picturesque European-style village has inspired artists, sparked romance, and attracted celebrities for decades. Carmel is located direct south of Monterey. We'll show you the eclectic homes and gardens built by citizens who "devoted their lives to work connected to the aesthetic arts." Carmel’s City Councils were dominated by artists, and the city has had several mayors who were poets or actors, including actor-director Clint Eastwood. Next, stroll in the quaint town lined with art galleries, restaurants and boutiques. Their beach a soft white sandy beauty and lots of people come her just to watch  the sunset.


Suggestion: Leisurely dive along Hwy 1, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Carmel, 17-Mile-Drive 8 hours $680

Birthplace of "Silicone Valley" "The Garage" where Hewlett & Packard" developed the Micro processor. Apple Computer, Google, Yahoo, PayPal, Adobe, E-Bay, Facebook etc. all call Silicon Valley home. (Microsoft does not, they are in Seattle area, Washington).  But to see the logos of these computer mega-companies on their building is pretty amazing. Ahh, that's where they are. It's like putting a face to a voice.


But there is much more to see and do in Silicon Valley. The Computer History Museum, The Science Museum, The Tech Museum of Innovation, Stanford University, NASA’s Ames Exploration Center and the Winchester Mystery House are all worth a visit.


The Winchester Mystery House has nothing to do with the computer industry. But if you wan to see something bizarre and crazy, let's go.










Suggestion: Drive-by at various companies, Computer Museum, Apple, Google, 5 hours $425

Point Reyes National Sea Shore is a paradise for hikers as well as bird watchers and beach lovers. Reaching far out into the Pacific the tip of this peninsula is an ideal setting to watch the gray whales in the spring and fall. The scenery and the historic lighthouse in a dramatic setting is worthwhile a visit. During the spring and fall migration of the wales many can be seen in close range. This area feels quite mystical and even a little creepy when the fog rolls in which has inspired many filmmakers to set their stories in this area. Most famous is the horror movie, "The Fog" featuring the Pt. Reyes lighthouse. At the south side of Pt. Reyes lies the calm Drakes Bay and beach, where Captain Sir Francis Drake anchored his ship during his circumnavigation of the world by sea.

Bodega Bay is the quiet village at an inlet connected to the Pacific Ocean. Here, because of the mystic setting, Alfred Hitchcock filmed the movie "The Birds" Some areas are still recognizable after almost 40 years. The beaches here are rugged and beautiful. The ride is about 2 hour with some stops and takes us through some fabulous country sides. On arrival we check out that little Fisherman's Wharf and some shops. Then we could hike a little, discover a remote cove with dramatic rock settings. A nice local lunch at one of the seafood restaurants will hit the spot. Then we continue the drive along a different route and finally end up in San Francisco again.


This tour can be combine with the tour to Pt. Reyes.





Suggestion: Pacific Coast drive, Pt. Reyes Lighthouse, Bodega Bay, Bodega town 7 hours $595

Deep Blue Lake Tahoe. At 6000 ft. altitude this breathtaking Alpine mountain lake is a destination just by itself. After the 5 "Great Lakes" this is the largest Lake in the US by Volume. This lake is 1500 ft deep and has some of the clearest waters in the world with a visibility of 90 ft. That's an invitation to scuba dive. Lake Tahoe is popular year around. Summer for swimming, boat rides, water ski and just having fun in the sun. Everywhere around the lake are miles and miles for walking and serious hiking. Winter turns all this into a winter wonderland with snow sports activities. There are several ski resorts just around the lake with truly breathtaking views. No need for ski knowledge, just take the  gondola up, celebrate the views and then the gondola brings you down again.


The western half of the lake is in California but the eastern part is in Nevada. That means 1 inch from the border to California Nevada built the first mega casinos, Las Vegas style. It's all there together, beach, pine trees, resorts, water sports, casinos, all-u-can-eat-buffets, Boat tours, hiking trails, fancy shopping, kayaks and paddle boats, quaint cottages, Swiss style Charlets, grand deluxe hotels, biking tours, dinner cruises....  should we continue?


Not far from the lake is Squaw Valley, the site of the 1962 Winter Olympics. It's still such a beautiful place and the tram-ride to the top of the mountains can make you feel free and alive.


It will be along day. It takes 3 hours between San Francisco and Tahoe, but it is worth it.







Suggestion: Scenic drive to South Lake Tahoe, Nevada Casino stop, Lake drive, Squaw Valley 10 hours $850

Ahhh! Yosemite National Park. In the high Sierra Nevada mountain range glaciers carved this national park during the Ice age. Straight Granite cliffs up to 3000ft form the walls of this beautiful valley. Several of the world's highest Waterfalls are here. Beautiful vast meadows, deep pine forests, crystal clear brooks and streams, wild animals, grand views, breathtaking hiking trails, giant sequoia Redwoods, beautifully rustic grand hotel, a vast wilderness area, high granite mountain peaks ...shall we go on?


Most visitors see the great Yosemite Valley with the Merced River, the granite cliff "El Capitan", The Bridal Falls, Ahwanee Hotel and famous Half Dome.


What should never bee missed is the "Glacier Point". There are the views from the top of the granite cliffs, 3000 ft above the valley floor. Here is the best view of the "Half Dome" the "Yosemite Valley" and panorama view of the High Sierra Mountains.


Then there is Mariposa Grove, home of the "Giant Sequoia". Well over 1500 years old, these trees are the largest single organism in the world.


A little more time requires the Tioga Pass road. For sure this road through the High Sierra belongs to the most beautiful roads worldwide.





Suggestion: Scenic drive, Yosemite Valley, El Captain, Yosemite Falls, Ahwanee Hotel, 11 hours $935


Gold Country

Santa Cruz

Lake Berryessa


room for future tours

room for future tours

room for future tours

Sacramento, the state Capitol California  & Sacramento and the Delta. Sacramento is California's capital and the largest city in the central valley. The beautifully restored historic part of the city, Old-Sacramento is a fun place to visit. The "Wild West" ambiance, fun bars and outdoor restaurants, shops along the authentic board walks makes it a fun place to visit. There are two more attractions: one is the restored Delta King Paddle Wheeler serving as a hotel, bar and restaurant. The other attraction is the State Rail Road Museum with many original historic trains and locomotives. In the summer month some trains are used for short runs to provide rides in these authentic rail road cars.









Suggestion: Scenic levee drive to Sacramento Sacramento City, Rail Road Museum, Old Sacramento, 7 hours $595

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Santa Cruz a fun and laid-back college town with one of the campuses of the University of California.

Lake Berryessa is a large stow lake with wonderful warm and clean water in the summer month. You certainly will appreciate swimming, water sports, BBQ boating when San Francisco is cold and fogged in. While the city might be a chilling 60 F the lake area might bake in a toasty 95F. The ride to the lake is beautiful and takes around an hour and a half. The setting is truly californian with deep blue water, yellow golden dry grassy rolling hills spotted with dark green oak trees. The sky is usually radiantly blue with a sun that makes California so great.


At the lake we rent a pontoon boat with comfy seats, a roof, access to the wonderful water and a BBQ. We'll bring food based on your preferences, steak, chicken, hot dogs or just vegetarian. Of course we have beer or wine and alcohol free beverages. Go, take a refreshing swim, then some sun tanning. We have towels on board and other items that makes this day comfortable and fun. Late afternoon we return the boat and make our way back to San Francisco which might still be covered by fog and gray. You will be happy you went on this tour.

Most Beautiful San Francisco vistas This is our newest tour. We take our guests to several spots where the view of San Francisco is like out of the picture book. The pictures of many postcards and photo books of San Francisco have been taken from these locations. But being there is of course much more beautiful. First we visit the Coit Tower, then Treasure Island, Twin Peaks, Marine Headlands and Sausalito. Then we invite you on a 2 hour bay cruise where you see Alcatraz and Angel Island close up. Further away we'll pass by San Quentin state prison. When we enter the North Bay you might be amazed how large this area is. We have time for lunch before the boat returns to San Francisco. This view of San Francisco from the boat you will never forget. BACK

Golf can be played on several courses in and around San Francisco. Some are just at a beautiful setting and the green fees are reasonable.


And then there is Pebble Beach, the famous public master piece at the Monterey Peninsular.


We can arrange a golf tour for you by itself or in combination with other tour elements.