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Silver Lion Service - Private Tours


 Tour Reservation steps how to make a reservation - it's pretty easy.

So, hopefully now you know much more about us and what we offer. Here is how to make a reservation and book your Private Tour with us.

ONE: Send us an email to request your preferred tour day or days. If you are flexible and have a range of days, tell us. We will get the best possible tour dates.


TWO: We answer telling you if your day is available. We include detailed tour description and other information.


To give you time to decide we hold your tour date on a courtesy reservation for several days without any obligation. If you do not make the tour deposit by then your option expires and can be booked by someone else. Of course we can reinstate you tour reservation later if the day is still available.


THREE: When you are ready to confirm your reservation we would like to ask for a deposit. We accept credit cards (AX DC DS MC VI), PayPal, check, cash. You can use the PayPal-Link on this page for the deposit.


FOUR: We send you the tour confirmation and deposit receipt.