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Silver Lion Service - Private Tours


 Our Concept Our service comes from the heart !

It is our passion to offer a tour program that caters to individuals, who prefer


private intimate day tours, for 1 to 6 guests.


All tours are customized and can be adjusted to individual preferences even while already on the tour. Our tours are extremely flexible and designed to feel as if a friend is taking you on a sightseeing tour. In fact many of our guests have become our friends.


We go where others don’t go. Most other tour companies do not service many sites because buses and tour vans are prohibited to go there. Or tour requests are simply too specialized for larger companies. We can go anywhere with our 6 passenger private family vans.


If our guests want to stop for some shopping, to take pictures, have a break, enjoy the site a little longer... no problem, we stop without rushing. We know how to create memorable vacation experiences. How about an unforgettable walk across the Golden Gate Bridge? We’ll wait on the other side....


We want to keep our rates really simple:


$85 per hour. That's it.


Not per person. No taxes. No surprise fees.



Third party charges are however not included (admissions, entrance fees, meals etc.)




Free Style Tours

Flexible and Dynamic

"Yes we can" attitude






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