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Silver Lion Service - Private Tours


Our Cancellation Policy is simple and fair. You get a full refund if you cancel more than 3 days before the tour. If you notify us less than three days (72 hours) before your tour, then we keep the deposit but you can use it on any future available tour we offer. Sometimes we can re-sell your canceled tour time, in which case we can give you the full refund even though it’s less than three days notice. (Obviously we can’t guarantee this will happen.)


Rain Check Fog and light rain is not uncommon in San Francisco, but heavy rain dampens everyone’s day. In case of really bad weather (heavy rain, high winds*), we also give you the option to delay or postpone or even cancel the tour on the same day with refund.    *this is at our discretion


If we cancel your tour... Of course we never want to cancel your tour, but there might be a situation when we have no other choice. If we cancel your tour more then 3 days before we will refund your deposit, of course.


If we have to cancel your tour within 72 hours we will refund your deposit plus $85. (because we would feel really bad).


If we have to cancel for reasons beyond our control, we refund your deposit only.


In any case we will try to find you an alternative tour solution.

Liability We have liability insurance in accordance with the CPUC (California Public Utility Commission). Silver Lion Service is not liable for damage or loss of personal items (luggage, purses, bags, cameras, electronic items, and more).


Tour confirmation When you request a tour date, we will temporarily reserve your tour for a few days (option date) to give you time to decide. The we would like to ask for a deposit. If we do not receive the deposit by the option date, your temporary reservation is canceled. We will reinstate your reservation based on availability. After we have received your deposit, we will send you a confirmation and receipt and with this your reservation becomes guaranteed. Please read and verify that all important information (tour date and time, meeting location, etc.) on the confirmation is correct.


Your Personal Belongings We certainly will take good care of you and your personal Items you might bring with you onto the tour. But for damage or the loss of your items we are not responsible.


 The Fine Print Not so fine. Nothing to hide. It's really based on common sense ...